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Our cycling studio is a space for you to clip-in and feel powerful. No outside distractions, no competition, and no pressure to be perfect. Just heavy beats, good vibes, and a supportive community ready to help you reach new heights.


Our 45-minute cycle class is a full body workout that combines hills, sprints and weights while pushing through resistance and riding to the beat. This class leaves you inspired, motivated and challenged. Each instructor is unique and authentic with one goal in mind: helping you become the best version of you.
45 Minutes
All Levels

Power Hour

Power Hour is our standard cycle class but for an extra 15 minutes. This one’s for the warriors.
60 Minutes
All Levels

yoga & strength

Our yoga studio is a space for you to flow, grow and vibe. Our infrared heating panels are used to warm the body from the inside out and have proven benefits of detoxification, increased circulation and flexibility.

In this room we offer yoga, hot bootcamp and stretch classes.

Hot Bootcamp

Hot Bootcamp is a heated practice that focuses on strengthening and building muscle. We use equipment like weights and resistance bands to tap into new heights.
40 Minutes
95-105 Degrees
All Levels

Hot Flow

Hot Flow is our signature power vinyasa class. We’ll move with intention linking one breath to one movement. The playlist will pump you up, the instructor will guide you and the postures will challenge you.
40 & 60 Minutes Offerings
95-105 Degrees
All Levels


We care about what you care about. Union Three was built with a passion for giving back to our community. If there’s an organization or philanthropy that means something to you, let us know and we'll see how we can help! 

We offer give back classes, team-building classes and other opportunities to support local causes and organizations. Community is who we are - and we wouldn’t be anything without our U3 Fam!
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